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Failed Feature Finder for Solid Edge scans the active assembly for components with various issues.

The results are displayed with tree structure with visual indication of the issue(s).
The process may be stopped by pressing the escape key.


  • Assembly relationships
    Scans for failed assembly relationships.
  • Mode features
    Scans the models for under constrained profiles and a verity of other issues.
    Each issue is added to the component node.
  • Get facet count
    Determines the complexity of the component based on facet count.
    This information is combined with the number of instances to help you determine the impact on graphics performance.
    A high rank would suggest that simplification is required.
    Parts with simplified bodies are ignored.
  • Hide Solid Edge
    Hiding Solid Edge can improve processing time.
  • Maintain activation state
    Components need to be activated to be examined and with a large assembly this can consume large amounts of memory. Enabling this option will return the component t its original state after it is scanned though it will add processing time.
  • Keep on top
    Keeps the form on top of others.


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